About Us

Welcome to Kraydo Organics!

We are constantly looking for long-term customers to prove our loyalty and integrity to. We’ve been involved with several of the best suppliers in the kratom industry for over 13 years, and in 2016 finally decided to put our connections to good use. Give us a try and you’ll see we play no games when it comes to quality and customer service.

With Kraydo, you will never have to worry about over-hyped fake names or marketing gimmicks. We sell pure strains and will never use the word “super” or “premium” in the names since we believe all of our product would technically fit that description!

You get  100% natural products — delivered to your door faster and cheaper! All while maintaining the highest of quality standards! If you’re looking for a source that is always consistent in quality, customer service, and shipping speed, you’ve come to the right place! One try and you will see why WE are the best!

Any special requests, questions, or suggestions can be forwarded to sales@kraydo-organics.com immediately! Thanks for entrusting us to show you why we are the best vendor in the U.S.!

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